Fouquet Restaurant Den Haag

Restaurant Fouquet

Cuisine du Marché

Brief introduction

A word of the chef owner Sebastiaan de Bruijn

Since 2011, I, Sebastiaan de Bruijn, am the proud chef owner of Fouquet. Our French and International cuisine is focused on the best products of the market and the season, prepared fresh every day, with love, taste and craftsmanship.

An excellent training ground

Sebastiaan de Bruijn gained extensive experience before he took the leap towards his own restaurant. From the age of 16, he was apprenticed by various (star) chefs and has worked at various restaurants to gain his broad knowledge in putting together tasty dishes and their preparation: from brasserie to exclusive restaurants/hotels with Michelin stars.

Once started as an apprentice at restaurant Chiparus (Greenpark hotel in Leidschendam), then Rozenrust, Restaurant/hotel Savelberg ‘Vreugd en Rust’, Amstel Hotel, De Moerbei and until late 2010 he was the chef in the renowned Hague restaurant Saur. He learned the art of cooking and the craftsmanship directly in the kitchen, but still he was awarded the recognized diplomas for ‘UHO’, ‘aspiring cook’ and ‘independently operating cook.

Passion for the craft, vision of cooking & hospitality

NNow, February 2011, it is time to shape his own vision of cooking and hospitality and to express it in his own restaurant. Together with his wife, Manon de Bruijn-Kamphuis, co-owner, he revamps the renowned restaurant at the Javastraat. In close collaboration with their employees, they live up to their intentions to turn Fouquet into a top restaurant where good quality of products, friendly prices and hospitality are held in high esteem.

Looking forward to seeing you at Fouquet.